Norway was only fielding one team in the U17 category and hoping to emulate the fine
performances from last years championships in Malmo Sweden.
With two of the squad present having also played in Malmo last year (Nicolai Bö, Andreas Knoph)
this helps. Also present from last years squad was Irene Fossen but was unable to play due to a
minor operation that was required a couple of days before we were due to start. I am happy to say
she was still happy to travel with the team acting as a chaperone for the her replacement Marie
Ringnes and to also assist me where necessary. The other new addition to the team was Darwood
Atif who again was a vital member of a very tight knit squad.

9th of May
Our first day could not have been much tougher playing the top two teams in our group. First up
was Switzerland where we were on the end of a convincing 3-0 defeat. With a long gap to our next
match we managed to regroup and although we lost to the Czech Republic 3-0, the match was much
more competitive. This also gave Darwood Atif his first cap for his country while we rested Nico
ready to do battle next day.

10th of May
The second day held out more promise and first up was the Netherlands who I feel we had chances
to beat. Unfortunately the Dutch number 1 proved just a step too far for Nicolai in spite of all three
games being close. Andreas managed to salvage some pride and win at number 2 but by this time
we were looking at finishing the group in third place.
Our last match in the group put us up against Luxenbourg who had improved their team since last
year but we still manage a pretty convincing 3-0 win with Marie gaining her first win in a Norway

11th of May
We were now playing for positions 9-16 and with a seeding of 15 we needed to win our first match
to put us in the group of 9-12 but the Welsh Dragons managed to just put paid to us taking that spot.
Standout performance was by Nicolai who managed a great victory in five again Rhys Evan 11-9 in
the fifth.
We now had to beat Scotland to make sure we finished above out seeding position. Again this was a
very tight match and again Nicolai stepped up to the plate and secured a great win 12-10 in the 5th
against a very strong physical Scotsman Andrew Glen. Backed up by a solid win by Andreas against
a rather unpredictable opponent this gained us our vital win to set us up for the 13th/14th play-off

12th of May
Last day and last match against a fairly solid couple of junior men players. We needed Andreas to
get us off to a solid start and he did not disappoint dispatching his opponent in 20 mins. It was now
up to Nicolai to try and take the pressure off Marie and bring home the result. Nicolai was in the
end outplayed by the pretty solid Israeli left hander. So now it was all down to our newest member
of the team who had to go and win it for Norway. She did it in emphatic fashion winning 3-0 and
ensuring that finished in a very credible 13th place.

Report by Paul Selby