Årets hederspriser 2018

Norges Squashforbund gratulerer følgende mottakere av årets hederspriser!

Årets Juniorer: Camilia Hendy og Andreas M. Knoph

Årets ildsjel, ny for 2017: Vibeke Wiig

Årets klubb 2017: Mosjøen Squashklubb

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NM Junior 2018

Vi gratulerer NM vinnerne og takker alle deltakere for innsatsen og Bergen Squashklubb for et strålende gjennomført arrangement.


  1. 1.Gard Aasness, Bærum SK
  2. Elias B Ratejczak, Oslo SK
  3. Jesper Phillips, Moss SK


  1. Madeleine Hylland, Bærum SK
  2. Ulrikke B Ribesen, Hafrsfjord SK
  3. Irene Fossen, Bærum SK


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EM U17

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected for the U17 European Team:

Madeleine Hylland
Irene Fossen
Nicolai Bø
Andreas Knoph

This year myself and the sports committee have decided not to send an U15 team to this event. Our U15 players are developing and improving extremely quickly but at this point we feel they are not quite ready for the international stage. We are positive about the direction of junior squash in Norway and we hope to send an U15 team next season.

Good luck to the U17 team in Malmo!


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Sommerleirer sommeren 2018

Vi viser til informasjon om årets sommerleire på https://squash.no/sommerleire/

«This summer we are excited about running two junior camps in Norway. Emily Ison and I will firstly be running an invitational camp in Oslo from the 26th to 28th June, the selection for these camps was done with cooperation from the regional coaches. These players will be notified. The second camp will be in Bergen from the 30th June to 2nd July. This camp will be open invitation for any age and any ability. We are looking forward to a fun summer of squash in Norway!”

Det gis 50% søskenrabatt til andre søsken ved deltagelse på sommerleire og ved uttak til internasjonale turneringer.

Åpen Invitasjon Bergen

Invitasjon sommerleir England

Program sommerleir England

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